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Joy Over flow

If all the dictionaries in the world cannot define what JOY OVERFLOW is , how would you define it ? let’s see how loaded you are here now. This Song stirs up something in my spirit and I have been soooooooo selfish with it but I think I have finished “selling the fish” ... @mayomuziq , I brought this song to you and sang it for the first time and you immediately caught the spirit of the song ( ACTION ONLY )... bro YOU HAMMERED AND NAILED IT on this production from start to finish. Thank your crew for me bro @iamnsikak_ for firing the gintaaaaa #welldone LoveWorld school of music singers did justice to the Vocals... @godjay_pj your artwork shows you design from the spirit realms ... THEN ... I RESERVE MY COMMENT AND WILL COMMENT MY RESERVE LATER... lol. Waiting for your definition of JOY OVERFLOW ... how creative can you be... RELEASE DATE ? When ? Like a thief in the night ... Turn on your JOY SWITCH PEOPLE

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George Wealth

Joe praise my boss you too much....Sir! .....Your songs are so powerful ...Worldly songs should go to hell,,,,gospel songs reigns only

Solange Benson

anytime I listen to your songs, it uplift my soul and I feel reborn by the Sprite of the almighty, u are a blessing and the lord is proud of u

Robyn Odoko

Woooow this song has blessed me so much. I listen to it over n over again. It reassures me abt the Greatness of our God. Gloooory

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