Richard Ohaeri

have fun in yhe presence of god

Toni Justus

Toni Justus

Toni Justus

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Freedom James ochola

just to come and glorify god for all what he has done, what he is still doing and what he is yet to do in my life and my family. thank you joe praize for this opportunity to be able to thank god for a long period of time.

Dennisredjg Dennisredjg

Strom thurmond high

Clinton Patrick

unlimited and undiluted worship

Lucky yomi Omosele

a worship experience

Emmanuel Ozah

an exceptional time in the presence of god and to be blessed and fully refreshed by the holy spirit

Rhema Ahonsi

greater opening and outpouring of gods understanding through worship. worship done indeed from within that causes healing to occur

Mojola Famewo

Tumi Jacobs

to be metamorphosed to a greater being

Onefeli Desmond

total upliftment in every area of my life and above all wisdom to do in all.

Chibueze Johnson

total upliftment in every area of my life and above all wisdom to do in all.

Goodwin Imahdahale

total upliftment in every area of my life,grace promotion and above all wisdom to do things

Tony Chukwunwike

i'm blessed and coming to praise god!

Sandra Oyiana

Sandra Oyiana

Thankgod Udechukwu

To leave his presence with my heart filled with excess joy through the power of praise and worship

Dcn ken Richard

miracles miracles

Friday Mukoro

to be overjoyed in his presence through the power of praise

Sunny Nwaizu

more great grace

Princess Amaihian

souls won to christ

Adora Chinonso

i want to be filled in the spirit. to connect to the spiritual realm.

Nkechi goodness Ojukwu

to receive my miracles

Nkechi goodness Ojukwu

to receive all that god has in store for me.

Nkechi goodness Ojukwu

to receive all that god has orchestrated for me ????

G Blessed

To write a song after the encounter with the holy spirit and be so radical in soul wining and also in my cell outreach and the teens/youth church to grow so massively... and also to work for god with my talents....

Martins Friday

my expectation is high i can't wait i wanna get closer with d worship of god on dat day. so i can fly on d eagles wing

Uchechukwu Udensi

i want to pass my second semester exams this year and graduate and also go for service immediately. i tie my faith in this concert and am expecting a miracle

Nevoh Stephen

divine intervention

Nevoh Stephen

divine intervention

Sylvester Ebhodaghe

greater grace

Sena Nelson

to be blessed beyond expectations

Kenneth Etia

i'm so expectant to be lifted by the holy ghost in praise and worship. i will attend online.

Audu Yusuf

just want to enjoy god’s presence in worship

Jane Okoye

i desire to be refreshed by the spirit and to get more of him

Princess Igboanu

personal encounter with god

Berry Henry

heavens will let loose of blessings and grace

Junaid Hammed

good luck

Diana Kapinga

to be blessed

Pheal Phil

open doors in every ramifications

Oliseh Emmanuel

to be in god's presence and giving him my unlimited praise.

Jeremiah Victor

To be refreshed at feet of jesus

Nwosu Amaka adamazi

Uplifting,grace from god,joy unstoppable

Nwosu Amaka adamazi

Uplifting,grace from god,joy unstoppable

Cecilvixwh Cecilvixwh


Ify Okechukwu

to praise god like never before.

Otis Umukolo

a glorious moment of worship, praise and music in god’s presence.

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Mercy Suess

am amazing time in the presence of god with a great friend joe praize

Archibong Glory inyene

Modupe Ayinde

praise that will knock me off my feet

Peace Aoko

miracle money and anointing of the spirit

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Tibetan monk

Mary jacklin ja


Tnekitbka Tnekitbka

College graduate

Joseph Ebhodaghe


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Strom thurmond high

Dennisredjg Dennisredjg

Strom thurmond high

Joseph Ebhodaghe


Joseph Ebhodaghe

great grace

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Oluwayemisi Fagbemi

my expectations are very high to be blessed

Vincent Egwu

i'm going not only to dance, praise and worship god but also to receive abundant grace for worship.

Clinty Effiong

to be empowered and inspired by the word through musical psalms.

Hammond Richard

i expect to be filled with the holy spirit as i praise and worship god and dance to his glories. glory to god

Inie Sompre

is to praise god like never before

Inie Sompre

is to praise god like never before

Victoria Wealth

Victory Uwaoma

new revelation on praising god

Richard Oti

amazing praise and worship of our god

Success Orukpe

to see the power of god move in a way man has never experienced before now.

Victoria Joseph

Vincent Anosike

Oluwatosin Afelumo

god bless on my life

Nicholas Markin

by god"s grace please,thx!

Yvonne Ebhodaghe

Macdonald Orji

to praise god like never before and be transformed into another man full of grace and glory

Tnekitbka Tnekitbka

College graduate

Joseph Abraham

next level of operating with the word being productive at a high level

Desmond Okonkwo

feeling the presence of god

Judy Godson

ready to worship god

Chisong Obi

i know new visions will be birthed and the grace to accomplish them is released during this program.

Bishop Pohsib

another level of upgrade, spiritually and other wise

Abolade Prosper

great praise...

Flora .f. ouankika

Collins Live

more than ever before

Oviri Adidi

gods touch and transformation in my business ideas

Eruviano Odhegba

glory to glory

Valentine Aghogho

great transformation and uplifting in my music career, peaceful wealth etc

John Divine

upgrade in all ramification for me. thanking my lord for my miracle.

Stanley Anyanwu

upliftment to my next level

Vera chiekwu Idubor

transformation of life's.

Uche samuel Onuoha

my expectation is for every unbeliever that will step into that arena will give their heart to christ and for everyone that will be present will have a fulfilment in their hearts for coming. lastly, all that you require to make this event a success, has been granted you.

Joy Udin

divine connection

Babagyte Udin

divine connection

Zoe Maven

Unusual, unrestrained, high praise and worship and experience god’s presence like i’ve never ever done in my life....

Uchechi Ekwueme

to be blessed richly

Ifeoma Chukwu

life transforming ministration

Ojedele Oluwabukola

to feel the same way i felt during worship in the room 2017. god divine presence and more revelation of his words.

Big Mickey

to have a great time in god. presence

Emmanuel Emmanuel

Cecilvixwh Cecilvixwh


Promise obinna Maduewesi

beautiful songs

Blessing Oiwoh

i know it's going to be another level for me after this program

Renita Edobor

Praise like i have not done before

Jackson N

it will be a glorious time

Emmaculate Esule lagara

financial breakthroughs

Glory Favour asibong

fruitfulness and financial favour..

Lawson Esabilue

great expectations

Lucy Osho

showers of blessing and a downpour of unlimited breakthrough through praises

Guilherme Pinheiro

ver joe praize ao vivo

Chinie Nwanekezie

manifestation of agelessness, marriage more joy healing school seed

Innocent Ejigue

miracle of conception for my wife

Comedian Lele o

After the praise ovation, my landlord should forget asking me for house rent..glory

Comedian Lele o

After the praise ovation, my landlord should forget asking me for house rent..glory

Comedian Lele o

to be filled with is presence

Peace Aoko

outpouring of the spirit

Emmanuel Daniels

Miracles everywhere

Nkem Osanebi

power packed, spirit lifting as always it’s already our month of lifting

Nosayaba kate Obamwonyi

Saki Boywhyte

to be elated.

Ann Ada

to give out my best to god most high for his name alone be praise both now and forever.

Dodo Olo

upgrade in my family finances

Molly Bee

mighty move of the spirit over all that concerns me

Emmanuel Iyamah

great grace in my ministry

Matthew Jacob

enjoy the awesome presence and power of god as we praise him in the beauty of his holiness.

Anthonia Wilson

increase grace for a greater level in ministry.

Eddy Odiase

the glory of the lord

Asuquo Uduakabasi

that jesus is tangibly and evidently glorified in all that concerns me

Stella Amachree

i just want to lost in god's presence

Louis Augustine

praising god like never before

Glory Egboja

wow wow wow ,i’m expecting god to do exceedingly,abundantly all we could ever think of .miracles taking place and also souls been won to christ on that faithful day

Jennifer Osah

praise god with all that i am, knowing that there will be transformation in all aspect of my life. thank you for the privilege to praise along with joe praize at the praize ovation.

Lookman Owolabi

spiritual upliftment for the higher life that has no limits.

Dcns Ifeoma anya

very high. i expect a special touch from god to everyone who will be present during the meeting.

Victor Oshioluemoh

fresh anointing to praise and worship god the more. thank you joe praize

Ehis Oriarewo

2 much glory

Gloria Agboga

my expectations i know is on another level. i know i'm gonna be in total dispensation of god's blessings and grace overdosed. uplifted and catapulted beyond every imagination glory

Yvonne and wilfred Uduma

to be blessed and carried into an atmosphere of praise

Lisa Ehis

worship like never before

Adamson Okpara

praising my god to fullest

Leon Imasekha

i want my bucket full of blessings

Cassie Augustine

Cassie Onwukwe

to be fully with the power of gods spirit and move inspired to my ministry as a music minister

Irene Udom

to have great time of fellowship with the holy spirit.

Pastor ayo Ibiyomi

taken to another level of grace

Amaka Jonathan

Elevated upgrade all over.

Ose Iria

god’s presence in the whole arena

Caleb Ordor

to love god more as i worship

John Gospel

wow! anytime i find my self where joe praise is ministering! it’s always awesome and electrifying! and i receive so much blessings from the holy spirit right there. so it can only get better ..i know my life will never remain the same on that day!! ???? going to be blessed!

Princess Ogar

enjoy myself in god's presence and thankful for all his done

Alero Skinn

Uche-segun Onuoha

I’m expecting a flow of the miraculous. such tangible presence of god that anyone who comes including and especially me won’t leave the same way.

Ukamaka Ugwu

an awesome time in god's presence.

Michael Macaulay

An unusual experience!

Wisdom Eyo

want god to meet us at the point of our needs

Blessing Wisdom

worshipping with the lord in spirit

Efe Ojumah

grace filled

Jeffrey Okuse

expect to be receive more strength in my spirit as i fellowship with the esteemed music minister of the day and other attendees.

Daniel Favour

am expecting to see the sick jump to their feet with joy giving thanks to god .i want receive answer to many questions i want to praise like never before glory to god.

Tyoumi Kures

to be catapulted to a new level of worship. glory to god!!!

Margaret Nsan

breakthrough all round, favour, new identity ,financial breakthrough for accommodation, academical excellence. amen

Jasmine Chukwuedoziem

more wine....

Emmanuel Uzozie

the more of god

Ekaette Obio

divine uplifting in every thing that are connected to me

Deborah Pelumi

a mind blowing experience with god

Glory Kasi

miracles everywhere and increased grace.

Pastor Chris shine edoh

to be transported into d immortal realm.

Kayode Emmanuels

it's going to be a new in all that concerns me after this event????????

Moses Timothy

my expectations are just too high

Juliet Onyeike

my expectation is that so many will receive their healing as our hearts are open to god in praise and worship...

Debbie Adeoye

Onyebuchi Samuel


Grace Uko

Princess Aluede

Miracles and testimonies

Simeon Rich

i expect a turn, lift, change in my ministry, business and family, i expect a mighty harvest of souls for the kingdom.

Sylvester Ebhodaghe

that there will be an outpouring of grace and the power of the holy ghost.

Sunday Efe terry

Next level

Bolatito Oladele

Moment of praise & thousands of souls giving their lives to christ.

Viva Ntigeli

wisdom for strategic plans to follow after every god given idea.

Omoyemi Ajanaku

a divine encounter with the master , i look forward to what the lord has in store for me

Ighodalo Daniel

Over a thousand souls should be won by the power of the holy ghost.

Eichie John

Excellent inputs mind blowing innovations seamless workflow the miraculous life transforming testimonies the holy ghost

Chichi Ukpai

great time of worship

Xwhite William

200yrs ahead visual

Eichie John

Precious joy Orukpe

My expectation at this program is to receive all that god has in store for me this season. joepraize's ministry as worship leader is unique and specially graced by god, and i look forward to the opportunity of being in the concert. gloryyyy

Princess Amaihian

An edification of the people through this program....which is geared towards winning more souls into the kingdom of god.

Hilary Vincent

a time of refreshing ,strengthening and tangeable miracles ......i am very very expectant that the anointing of god spirit will be poured out on every one grass in the field .glory !!!

Joseph Ebhodaghe

outpouring of the spirit of rejoicing

Lawrence Chigozie

I expect to see the mighty power of god

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